Real-life projects

We will collect and share projects, in which circular ambitions were realised, for inspiration. For now, two projects have been included, namely the living labs of the CBCI project. The intention is to gradually add to this.

De binnenkant van het voorbeeldproject - Living Lab van KULeuven

KULeuven Living Lab

This living lab is being built on the grounds of the Ghent Technology Campus (KU Leuven) and is a test building with a terraced house typology. The prototype will be later used in urban renewal projects in deprived neighbourhoods. This includes not only group housing construction and renovation, but also roof extensions and facade renovations. The living lab has been designed so that all these scenarios are technically possible. It has also been designed so that construction companies can get involved in the social economy during construction, and so that it can be easily moved to other parts of the city. The latter is also a requirement of the prototype because in 2027 it will have to make way for the campus’s new master plan. This will be the ultimate test for the portable bio-based living lab. Look at the video

Living Lab Emergis de ingang

Emergis Living Lab

This living lab was built in Kloetinge (Zeeuws-Vlaanderen) at Emergis, a mental health institution, where the guest rooms were extended with a new circularly built wing. The units can be easily moved, and the rooms quickly rearranged. This allows Emergis to meet the ever-changing demand for housing. However, there will no longer be a need to build or disassemble, but simply make some easy adjustments, without wasting a lot of energy or material. The use of bio-based materials further reduces the ecological impact and ensures circularity at the end of life. Look at the video!