Practical Guide

Structure of the guide

This guide offers you practical information and tools on circular building.
The guide is organised into 3 practical questions that come up in every construction project.

For each question, the guide gives you the information you need to get started in practice.
In each case, the link to the Circular Built tool is made and practical tools are provided.

Putting my project on the market and choosing partners: how do I get started? 

Part 1 of the guide zooms in on:

  • Fulfilling ambitions and delivery of circular building projects.
  • The procurement and tendering process: a different approach is needed to successfully complete a circular building or renovation.
  • A framework that allows you to map all the considerations and phases that are important when tendering a circular construction project.
Which aspects of circular construction do I include in my project and how do I follow up on them? 

Circular construction is a very broad and complex topic. It is therefore not always easy to define concrete ambitions for a project. Do you focus on reusing building materials? Or do you rather focus on demountable construction?

This part guides you through:

  • concretising circular ambitions
  • giving an overview of the key elements and actions you can include in a project.
How can I evaluate my project after delivery?

The third part helps you in evaluating your project properly by:

  • Setting a focus on a number of issues from the beginning of the project
  • Having a clear view of all aspects of your project and of which aspects need improvement.
  • Referring to various methods and tools.
Een afbeelding van samenwerking bij circulair bouwen