Project evaluation

Een foto van mensen die samenwerken en een project evalueren

In order to evaluate a project properly, it is crucial that you focus on a number of issues from the beginning of the project. That way, you have a clear view of all aspects of your project from the outset and can gain important insights on how to improve things.

The main objective of an ex-post evaluation is to gain experience and document all kinds of technical, financial and legal aspects that lead to a more circular and bio-based construction sector for all stakeholders. In this context, it is crucial to check whether the expected changes will actually come about. You can use the Theory of Change methodology (C. H. Weiss,1995) for this in retrospect. Using this theory, you can retest the long-term goals and the preconditions for success and failure at a certain point in the project's duration. This approach helps authors reflect on their previous experience with the project or programme and check the immediate and future effects of the project on the construction industry. Additionally, this can provide valuable information for future projects within their own company or for other stakeholders.